FireTMS Dispo – a mobile application for forwarders and dispatchers

  • access to orders 24/7
  • transport statuses
  • cargo information
  • supervision of drivers' work
  • result reporting
  • route monitoring

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aplikacja mobilna FireTMS dla kierowców
Why have we created the FireTMS mobile application?

  • The application for forwarders and dispatchers allows you to instantly check the status of a transport order and cargo. You have full access to the details of transport implementation and vehicle and route monitoring.
  • The application allows you to control the situation on the route and establish easy contact between the forwarder and the driver, just by selecting the phone icon in the menu. You are not limited by place and time, all you need is the Internet access.
  • The application is compatible with the FireTMS programme and all order statuses are updated in real time. You can quickly react to unforeseen situations and always keep your “finger on the pulse“
aplikacja mobilna FireTMS dla kierowców

Mobile application functions

The application shows detailed information related to the cargo, including the price of the goods, place of loading and unloading, customer and forwarder data, contact person phone number.
AThe application allows you to monitor the transport route and keeps you informed about the current status of the cargo and, thanks to the built-in map, it is possible to view the current location of the driver.
The application generates order reports in the form of detailed information and charts; they include individual forwarder's results and company's results, including revenues and commissions of individual branches
FireTMS Driver – a mobile application for drivers

Who is the FireTMS mobile application for?

For the forwarder/dispatcher/logistician

  • preview of order and cargo status
  • information on the stages of transport implementation
  • route and driver monitoring

How to launch the mobile application?

Installation on the
forwarder's phone

  1. download the Android application from the Google Play store or the iOS application from the App store
  2. log into the FireTMS system
  3. generate a QR code and connect the application to your account
  4. during the code generation set a PIN code for the mobile application

Configuration of the
FireTMS Dispo application

  1. run the application on your mobile device
  2. scan the generated QR code
  3. enter the PIN to the mobile application