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  • plusDo you sell solutions or services for the transport and forwarding industry?
  • plusWould you like to expand your company's portfolio with a modern programme for the TSL industry?
  • plusAre you looking for a sales challenge based on proven tools for transport?
Join our Partners and grow your business with fireTMS!

Take your transport to the next level. Bet on the leader in online TMS

fireTMS is a state-of-the-art cloud-based programme for transport and forwarding that is growing rapidly in European markets. For many years, it has been supporting companies in the TSL industry in the fast and automated processing of transport orders. Thanks to its advanced tools, it enables efficient transport planning and effective fleet management. In addition, the complexity of the system allows you to monitor and track the status of the delivery and contact the driver en route.

But that is not all! In fireTMS you can also settle transports, control payments and ultimately generate reports. Our programme brings unquestionable benefits to hauliers, forwarders, dispatchers and accounting. In addition, it will work well for any company, regardless of its size.

How do you become a fireTMS partner?

We are committed to fruitful cooperation, so you must meet a few conditions to become our Partner. These are:
  • plushaving a company in the TSL or IT/Consulting area
  • plushaving the right tools (telephone, laptop)
  • pluspossession of, or willingness to establish contacts with transport and forwarding companies
  • plusknowledge of SaaS sales would be an advantage

Increase the potential of your business with fireTMS

With a partnership agreement with fireTMS, you not only gain financial benefits, but also opportunities to grow your business. See what we offer:
product training with experienced specialists
product training with experienced specialists
support from a dedicated assisstant
support from a dedicated assisstant
technical support at every stage of cooperation
technical support at every stage of cooperation
opportunity to develop the company on the basis of a leading product in the TSL industry
opportunity to develop the company on the basis of a leading product in the TSL industry
attractive financial conditions
attractive financial conditions

Why fireTMS? See how it can change your business

fireTMS is not only a state-of-the-art transport and forwarding management system, but also a company with an established position in the market. See why you should bet on fireTMS:
  • tickfireTMS is the industry leader among online TMS in Poland and Europey
  • tickit is a cloud-based system with fast and 24/7 access to information
  • tickit provides a digital workflow where all data is organised in one system
  • tickit has integration with GPS telematics and accounting programmes
  • tickit is a dynamically growing company in terms of turnover and employment
  • tickit is a member of the Eurowag Group, a pan-European provider of technological solutions for the transport industry

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