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ticksending orders to the driver's phone
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Driver- mobile application

why have we created the fireTMS mobile application?

google play

The application for transport companies enables efficient communication between a driver and a dispatcher as well as order controlling. It allows for quick information exchange, ongoing transport monitoring and the sending of documents to accounts. With fireTMS Driver, you can quickly issue an invoice after the cargo has been delivered and effectively manage your fleet.

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mobile application functions

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The application allows navigation from the starting point or from the nearest loading point. It has routes for professional drivers that take into account restrictions for lorry transport, including vehicle tonnage and speed limits, or information on possible maneuvers. Navigation for the phone also has the option to download voice commands in different languages.

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Offline maps

The driver can use offline road maps to navigate between loading and unloading points. This is a great convenience, as the Internet access is only required to download the maps and recalculate the route. Importantly, the truck maps are detailed and continuously updated.

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Monitoring drivers performance

Thanks to the function of sending statuses from the route, the driver can report in real time the situation he is in on the route. All he has to do is to select the current position from the status list, e.g. customs control, refueling or rest, and send it to fireTMS. The information will appear in the system and the forwarder can monitor the location of the driver and the order.

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Communication with the dispatcher

The application allows the driver to send messages in the form of attachments, including photos, videos and files in any format. Thanks to this, he can exchange information with the dispatcher on an ongoing basis during transport, and all documentation goes to a specific order in the system.

Who is the fireTMS mobile application for?

for the driver
  • checkimmediate order information
  • checkattaching document photos directly to the order
  • checkgreater safety on the route thanks to transmission of information on the location
for the forwarder
  • checkquicker and clearer communication with the driver
  • checkimmediate information on the order status
  • checkaccurate information on the driver location at any time
for the accountants
  • checkpossibility of issuing invoices directly after the order has been completed
  • checkall documents automatically linked to the order
  • checkassistance in ordering and timely documentation of orders
for who app

Installation on the driver's phone

  • checkdownload the application from the Google Play store
  • checkenter the phone number to which you downloaded the application
  • checkthe application will load the activation code received as an sms

Configuration in the fireTMS system

  • checkenter the driver's or vehicle's phone number into fireTMS
  • checkactivate the mobile application in fireTMS by entering the PIN code visible in the application
  • checkcreate an order with the selected driver or vehicle

How much does the fireTMS mobile application cost?

basic version without navigation

only 7 € per month

extended version with navigation

only 9 € per month


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