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79 netto / monthly
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tickpayment control
tickcontractor database
tickorder and fleet cost registering
tickdetailed reports
tickintegration with GPS
tickfleet management
149 €netto / monthly
0,5 GB documents / month
forwarding orders/month
15 transport orders/month
tickpayment control
tickcontractor database
tickorder and fleet cost registering
tickdetailed reports
tickintegration with GPS
tickfleet management
tickintegration with
199 €netto / monthly
1 GBdocuments / month
forwarding orders/month
15 transport orders/month
tickEverything from plan Basic
ticktrade credit
tickvehicle schedule
tickautomatic debt collection
ticktag system
tickimporting costs from CSV file
229 €netto / monthly
2 GBdocuments / month
infinity signbranches
forwarding orders/month
15 transport orders/month
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tickcustomer panel
tickAPI for integration
tickautomatic scan import
ticksettlement of advance payments
tickimport of loads from CSV files
tickreal routes
tickrestrictions on entering loads and orders
tickdebit notes
tickcarrier panel
tickfireTMS Dispo application
tickfireTMS truckMatching
tickautomatic email notifications after purchase invoice approval
tickintegration with the Transporeon platform

All plans include

plus-icontransport and/or freight forwarding ordersplus-iconregistering costs per vehicleplus-iconcalculating costs for ordersplus-iconpayment monitoringplus-iconintegration with telematicsplus-iconintegration with the exchangeplus-iconcommunication with the driverplus-icondata export to Excelplus-icongenerating waybills from ordersplus-iconinvoicingplus-icondriver and fleet databaseplus-iconcarrier's liability insurance scheduleplus-iconintegration with finance and accounting software

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We are trusted by many transport and forwarding companies. See to whom fireTMS owes its popularity.

Thanks to the implementation of fireTMS, a very positive change has taken place in our company, as we have moved from paper to digital documentation. All documents related to vehicles and drivers have been sorted out and are now in one system. We use the program successfully to carry out transport orders, invoicing and to control payments. In our everyday work we also use fireTMS Driver application, which allows us to monitor transports.

Agnieszka Kaftańska

Administration Manager of TMD Arkadiusz Dąbrowski  


Frequently asked questions

fireTMS is integrated with several dozen telematics (GPS) suppliers. To connect your account with telematics, go to Configuration >> System Configuration >> Transport Configuration and press the Add button in Telematics (GPS) Configuration. Select a supplier in the new window and enter your login details to our telematics.

Yes. fireTMS is integrated with such software as:

Small Business,
Symfonia Sage Finanse i Księgowość,
Insert – Rewizor GT,
Insert – Subiekt GT,
Insert – Subiekt Nexo,
Comarch Optima ERP.

It is also possible to export JPK_VAT and JPK_FA files from the system. If your selected accounting systems allows for that, JPK files may be also used for import of data from fireTMS.

All company bank accounts can be added in Accounting >> Bank Accounts.

Fixed notes for all issued orders and invoices can be added in Configuration >> Branches >> edit selected Branch >> tab “Invoice Notes” and “Order Notes.”

To add the logo of your company, go to Configuration >> System Configuration >> field “Change Header for Documents.”
The header is put in the top left hand corner of documents. The size of the header is 108 x 787 pixels (height x width). ). The user can add bigger files. For bigger files, the system will decrease the resolution to the largest applicable value, while maintaining the proportions.
Supported file formats: JPG, JPEG, and PNG.

Each user may be assigned a different role which will limit their access to particular modules. For instance, a person with the “accountant” role will not have access to the cargo or orders module. Each user may be assigned several roles at the same time. In such a case, press CTRL on your keyboard and select the preferred roles. Furthermore, you can also set for each user whether they are supposed to see only their own data or all data under the assigned department.

New users may be added only by a person with administrator rights. To do so, go to Configuration >> Users and select “Add” option on the right side of the screen. After you enter the user’s email address, fill in all the required fields and accept the form, the activation link will be sent to the email address. By clicking on it, the user will be able to activate their account and set up their password.

For safety reasons, we do not support Internet Explorer, therefore users will not be able to log in to fireTMS when using it. The preferred and recommended web browser is Google Chrome. To log in to the platform, you can also use the following web browsers: Opera, Firefox, Safari.
Your login and password are case sensitive. They must therefore be typed in in the identical manner as during the account creation.

The trial period is 100% free of charge and non-binding. If a user does not buy a subscriptionafter the trial period, the account will expire—you will be able to log in, but most functions will be blocked.

Yes. The software does not require installation, you just need access to the Internet and to a web browser. If you know your login and password, you can log in to FireTMS on any computer.

Yes. The data from your computer is sent to fireTMS servers via an encrypted SSL protocol, just as in electronic banking. The safety of our servers is maintained by experienced administrators who ensure compliance with the latest safety standards. Our servers are located in data centres protected against fire, flood, and physical damage. We make backup copies of all data in real-time. All of this means that your data is perfectly protected against both loss and unauthorised access.

You do not have to sign an agreement for a fixed period. Our collaboration is based on the terms and conditions accessible on our website. You can use a monthly or annual billing cycle. To withdraw from the service, you just need to stop paying the subscription.

No. To use the software, you just need Internet access and a web browser.