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Offer templates in fireTMS

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March 7 / Author: Aleksandra Witkowska

In this article, you will learn about features such as:

  • Offer templates
  • Additional offer parameters
  • Purchase invoices (Draft Documents)

Offer templates

fireTMS has a feature that allows you to create an Offer template. It is useful when a forwarder wants to publish an offer that will include transportation of loads taking place at the same loading and unloading locations, and will have the same conditions for the carrier.

For example: the forwarder knows that every Thursday they have to transport a load that needs to be loaded in London and unloaded in Glasgow. They also know that they have to use a vehicle with a specified type of trailer, and the driver is obliged to unload the goods themselves.

Another example is when a forwarder wants to issue an offer to a client for the transportation of a specific type of loads, which will include the possibility of purchasing additional insurance for an extra fee.

In each of the described situations, a forwarder can use the option of a ready-made template and does not have to enter offer data into the system again. This will streamline and speed up their daily work.

Additional offer parameters

Preparing an Offer template should start with defining Additional offer parameters. First, in the Configuration >> System Configuration tab, you need to go to the Order Handling field, and then click the Add button next to Additional offer parameters. Then you need to enter the Parameter name, such as trailer loading capacity, and confirm it by clicking the Save button.

Additional offer parameters can be used by the user in the next step, which is creating a ready-made Offer template. Thanks to them, they will be able to specify the conditions that the carrier must meet to complete the order.

How to prepare a fireTMS offer template?

To create an Offer template, go to Loads >> Templates >> Offer Templates and select the Add button. The Create New Template window will open, where all obligatory fields must be completed.

At this point, the user can use the Additional offer parameters that user defined in the previous step. These will allow you to specify the conditions that the carrier must comply with in order to transport the load. To do this, select a parameter from the list and click Edit. Next, in the Editing additional offer parameters window, you must write a Value (e.g. 24t) for the chosen Parameter (e.g. load capacity of a semi-trailer), and at the end confirm with Save.

The data entered in the offer template is saved using the Ok button. The template will be ready to use in the Loads >> Create Offer >> Basic Data section in the Select a template field. The prepared offer can be published on or sent directly to the contractor. 

Purchase invoices (Draft Documents)

After marking an order as completed in the fireTMS system, a draft purchase invoice will be automatically generated based on the data from the freight forwarding order. This draft will be available in Accounting >> Purchase >> Draft Documents.

To register the draft purchase invoice as a document, go to Accounting >> Purchase >> Draft Documents. Then select the chosen draft and press the Register document button.

The user should verify the accuracy of the data with the original invoice received from the carrier. Then they must fill in all mandatory fields and confirm by clicking the Register button, and then select the Confirm option. The registered purchase document will be visible in Accounting >> Purchase >> Registered documents.

To expedite and simplify the document workflow process in the company, you can use the Carrier Portal function. This allows the user to not have to wait for the original invoice to be received, as the carrier can send a scan directly to the system. The same applies to the scan of CRM documents. Learn more about this in our blog article.

Do you have any questions about other fireTMS functions? Contact us!

*Functions are available in selected packages.

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