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Truck maps in the fireTMS system

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December 5, 2022 / Author: fireTMS team

Truck maps in fireTMS – optimal route planning

With Here maps in fireTMS it is possible to plan the most cost-effective route for transporting goods. The system allows you to calculate the route between several points, giving you useful information on the length of the route in kilometres, toll costs, estimated arrival time and a suggested alternative route. To calculate the route, go to Loads >> Route calculation, and then enter the departure and destination points.

Profitable transport – route calculation

fireTMS maps provide precise route planning including tolls. They also allow a detailed calculation of the route costs. Simply click on the “calculator” icon, complete the data and then click “recalculate”.

You can also use the option to select route characteristics and tick the appropriate checkbox next to the Shortest/Fastest or Cheapest option.

When calculating the route, the system also takes into account the parameters (dimensions, weight of the weight of vehicle or the whole set). Simply complete the dedicated fields and click “recalculate”. 

Another convenience is the option to edit the selected route by changing the existing loading and unloading points on the map using the drag and drop method, as well as adding an additional waypoint.

We would like to invite you to a free presentation of the system’s functions. Please feel free to contact us.

fireTMS team

fireTMS team

The article was written by the fireTMS team, based on their knowledge, experience and awareness of the TSL industry.

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