mobile app

aplikacja mobilna FireTMS dla kierowców

FireTMS mobile app

Focus on clear communication

  • sending orders to the driver’s phone
  • document scanning
  • vehicle monitoring
  • order status verification

Why did we create a mobile application
for FireTMS customers?

By listening carefully to companies from the transport, forwarding, and logistics industry, we noticed a great need for a much more dynamic order handling on the driver – dispatcher – accountant – customer line. It was actually customers that created a demand for an even more efficient performance of services and immediate information on their status. Thanks to the mobile app, not only will you have the opportunity to issue an invoice faster after the cargo has been delivered, but most of all, dynamic customer service will allow you to establish long-term business relationships.

Who is the FireTMS mobile app intended for?

for drivers

  • instant information about the order
  • attaching document photos directly to orders
  • greater safety on the route by sending location information for forwarders

for forwarders

  • faster and more transparent communication with the driver
  • immediate information about the status of the order
  • accurate information on the driver location at any time for accountants

for accountants

  • the possibility to issue an invoice immediately after completing the order
  • all documents automatically attached to the order
  • assistance in organisation and timely documentation of orders

How to run the mobile app?

installation on the driver’s phone

  1. download the app from the Google Play shop
  2. enter the phone number to which you have downloaded the app
  3. enter the activation code you have received in a text message

configuration in the FireTMS system

  1. enter the phone number of the driver or the vehicle to FireTMS
  2. activate the mobile app in FireTMS by entering the PIN code visible in the app
  3. create an order with the driver or vehicle of your choice

How much does the mobile app cost?

from 4,5 EUR per month