Case Study - Sachs Trans

An integrated program for international transport management for Sachs Trans

Sachs Trans

Sachs Trans is a transport company with a fleet of over 300 vehicles. It offers a wide range of transport services, including international transport. It always meets market and customers’ expectations, and its fleet regularly reaches new places, including Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Scandinavia.

The company provides safe and ecological transport, certainty of delivery date, meticulously prepared route, experienced drivers and constant monitoring of transport. Its mission is to increase the capacity and training of its employees and optimise transport processes. All operations are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner, in accordance with road and transport safety policies.

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Sachs Trans needs an integrated program to manage its transport orders comprehensively and efficiently. Due to the large scale of its operations, the company handles thousands of documents every day. Therefore, it expects a solution which will collect all data in one place and enable the employees of various departments to perform their duties: logisticians, HR planners, accountants. The system must ensure smooth communication between dispatchers and drivers. It should eliminate the need to fill in spreadsheets, optimise the work in terms of time savings and enable the control of transport-related finances.

Kompleksowe zarządzanie zleceniami transportowymi dla firmy Sachs TransKompleksowe zarządzanie zleceniami transportowymi dla firmy Sachs TransKompleksowe zarządzanie zleceniami transportowymi dla firmy Sachs Trans

The customer's essential expectations:

tickcargo information
ticksales documents issuance
tickcomplete vehicle database
tickcontrol of transport orders
tickplanning of transport orders
tickwell-organised document database
tickintegration with other systems in the company



The client’s solution is fireTMS – a professional program for transport and forwarding management. Within one system, the company can carry out comprehensive management of transport orders. It is available online and does not require installation. Having analysed the needs, we have pointed out to the client specific tools of the program which will ensure effective work and will serve for efficient realization of national and international transports. fireTMS was integrated with the advanced Transics theme and the Comarch Optima ERP accounting program, which the company uses.

Selected fireTMS functionalities:

Vehicle schedule pojazdów

Visible for all forwarders and dispatchers in the company. It allows the planning of orders and additional events such as holidays, driver change or service.

Location card

When creating an order, it allows the forwarder to indicate an additional place where the driver should go, e.g. a petrol station. By defining preferred types of places, the system recalculates the route and updates the number of kilometers.

fireTMS provides the possibility of comprehensive transport management, as it concentrates all data concerning orders and transports in one place and allows for integration with other systems. The program is intuitive to use and has a number of solutions tailored to the needs of our company and professional customer service.

authorPawel Zasada, IT Department – program implementations at Sachs Trans

The most important benefits after implementing fireTMS

Before the implementation of fireTMS
rectangleAll data on transport orders, contractors and sales documents are in different spreadsheets and programs.
rectangleThere is no common tool for employees from different departments of the company who deal with transport orders.
rectangleThe company's customer issues a transport order and the dispatcher sends it by SMS to the driver and enters it into an Excel file.
rectangleSearching for information on transport orders is time-consuming as they are in different files.
After the implementation of fireTMS
One program replaces several othersComplete data on transport orders, contractors and sales documents are in one system integrated with the customer's programs. Full data safety through the use of an SSL certificate.
Optimisation of working timeOne comprehensive online system available 24/7 for all users dealing with transport orders.
Well-organised documentsAll documents relating to a transport order are in one system. In addition, they can be scanned via QR codes.
Quick data searchAll information relating to transport orders can be found in one place within seconds.

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