Case Study - ILTRANS Deutschland GmbH

System to automate transport and forwarding orders for ILTRANS Deutschland GmbH


ILTRANS Deutschland GmbH, based in Germany, has been providing top-quality national and international transport services for 15 years. The company’s mission is to organise safe transports and timely fulfillment of orders. ILTRANS Deutschland GmbH performs FTL and LTL freight transport domestically and internationally, the transport of special and hazardous goods, and contract logistics.

It places particular emphasis on the monitoring of freight from the moment of departure to the destination point. It also focuses on flexibility of solutions, availability and assistance in emergency situations. The pillar of the company is its experienced, competent and multilingual team, whose priority is customer satisfaction.



ILTRANS Deutschland GmbH needs a system which allows the automatic creation of transport and forwarding orders. It should provide access to transport-related data to employees from different departments of the company. The customer wants automatic communication with its customers via a dedicated module. It also needs a tool to facilitate contract fleet management and minimise downtime. The program should have an intuitive interface that will ensure smooth implementation in the company’s new domestic and foreign branches. Additionally, it must allow for work in home office mode.

Automatyczne tworzenie zleceń transportowych i spedycyjnych dla Iltrans GmbHAutomatyczne tworzenie zleceń transportowych i spedycyjnych dla Iltrans GmbHAutomatyczne tworzenie zleceń transportowych i spedycyjnych dla Iltrans GmbH

The customer's essential expectations

ticktransparency of transport data
tickgeneration of fleet and cost reports
tickview of all documents under the order
tickavailability of the software in the cloud
tickautomatic transfer of cargo information to customers
tickintegration of the system with the external accounting program Datev



The customer’s solution is fireTMS – a comprehensive program for transport and forwarding, ensuring automation of activities related to planning, execution and settlement of transport. One system can be used by a dozen or so users, and information about loads can be made available to customers in a panel designed for them. The program is integrated with Datev, the company’s accounting system. It is available online and does not require local installation, so it can be used regardless of the place of work.

Selected fireTMS functionalities

fireTMS enables sharing and editing data from transport orders with the company’s customers. Its dedicated panel allows customers to control loads, check realisation statuses and create new loads, which are displayed in the system as ready for dispatch. They can also download documents added to the order and automatically issue invoices. In addition, they can see the position of vehicles that are carrying their loads. The panel provides a transparent transfer of all information related to transport and efficient communication between customers and the company.

FireTMS has a clear and user-friendly interface that enables users to automate shipping and logistics processes. FireTMS system follows the constant changes in the TSL industry. It can be integrated with external IT software and GPS telematics providers. It eases the internal handling of transport orders and ensures fast and efficient work. A dedicated customer panel improves communication between the customer, forwarder, and carrier.

Markus Rzittky - CEO ILTRANS Deutschland GmbH

The most important benefits after implementing fireTMS

Before the implementation of fireTMS
rectangleTransport orders are created manually and accumulate a large number of documents, with data stored in separate files.
rectangle There is no common, comprehensive working tool and individual tasks are carried out in separate programs.
rectangleCommunication and flow of information regarding orders between carriers and customers is hindered.
After the implementation of fireTMS
Transport orders are created automatically in the program, so the quality of work has greatly improved.
Employees from different departments can work together in one system and their working time has been optimised. In addition, the program is integrated with the external accounting system Datev.
The customer panel enables an automatic flow of information from the system to the customer, thanks to which the company gains additional credibility.

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