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Optimal routing for trucks

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Route calculation

Truck routing saves toll costs.

With fireTMS maps, you can determine the shortest, fastest and cheapest route for your vehicles! Enter the route points and the program will show you the most cost-effective solution. The calculation can include the cost of fuel, driver, length of the order and operation.


route planning

fireTMS maps is a professional tool for transport which determines the optimal route for trucks.

It enables precise route planning and shows detailed calculation of route costs. Thanks to integration with GPS, the fireTMS program monitors the compliance of the driver's journey with the designated route.


the best maps for transport:

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take into account toll calculation

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take into account vehicle parameters

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take into account cargo parameters

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enable cost calculation of the order

How to calculate a route with fireTMS maps?

  • tick iconenter the starting point and the destination
  • tick iconenter additional order costs
  • tick iconclick 'recalculate' and see alternative routes

fireTMS truck routing maps are precise and easy to use. With a few clicks, you can plan a cost-effective route taking into account road tolls and additional freight costs.

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What are the benefits of fireTMS maps?

  • tick icondetermine the most cost-effective route
  • tick iconallow to save transport costs
  • tick iconare accurate and precise
  • tick iconfacilitate the route planning process

Who are fireTMS maps for?

  • tick iconfor transport companies that want to use a professional route planning tool and save money on rides
  • tick iconfor freight forwarders who want to calculate order profitability and check route costs
  • tick iconfor planners who deal with route planning