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List of Available vehicles and cargo templates in the system for transport and forwarding

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November 15, 2022 / Author: fireTMS team

This article will tell you more about fireTMS features and enhancements, such as:

  • Available vehicles function
  • Cargo templates

Fleet management – Available vehicles function

The Available vehicles function in fireTMS includes an automatically created list of vehicles whose unloading falls within the selected date range. As a result, vehicles are ready to accept new customer orders. This makes it easy for the forwarder to filter out vehicles that are not assigned for the following days and to allocate loads to them. The list contains information on the shipper’s own vehicles as well as those of external carriers. These are distinguished by colour, with the ‘Transport Set’ column in red for the own fleet.

How do Available vehicles work?

The vacant vehicles inventory appearing in the window indicates the vehicles for the day in accordance with the date displayed in the top bar. To check the status of vacant vehicles for other days, you can select the previous or next day. You can also select any date range from the included calendar. In addition to the date criterion, you can also check whether the available vehicles belong to the carrier you are interested in or whether they are at your desired location at the given times. For example, you can check which vehicles will be in Germany or France in 2 days’ time. In order to do this, the country codes of the countries concerned must be specified after a comma in the ‘Location’ field. The system will then indicate all items which contain the given expression in their postcode. In addition, you can search the list of free vehicles by their registration number. Simply enter a fragment of the registration number in the ‘Registration number’ field.

Additional filters for a group of vehicles

In addition, you can use a filter to specify the preferred group of vehicles. As a result, a forwarder looking after a specific group of his own fleet will only see vehicles from this group (for example, the group ‘Vehicles Poland’). All selected filters can be saved as a filter set for future use. Defining permanent sets of filters will give you the information you need at a single click, and on top of that, they will be personalised to the needs of the job or activity.

Cargo templates

This function speeds up and facilitates the process of entering orders into the system for repetitive loads. Each user has the option of defining sample templates, which they can then use when creating an order.  To add such templates, go to Loads >> Templates >> Cargo templates and select Add on the right-hand side. Then fill in all the information regarding the customer, loading and unloading points or parameters of the goods to be transported. In addition, it is possible to determine on the map the route the car should take by adding, for example, preferred through-points. This route will be stored and saved for the selected template. A load template can also be saved directly from the order creation view.

If you would like to find out more about the system’s capabilities, please contact us.


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fireTMS team

fireTMS team

The article was written by the fireTMS team, based on their knowledge, experience and awareness of the TSL industry.

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