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Time-based tonnage restrictions for Here maps and other fireTMS innovations

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February 28, 2024 / Author: fireTMS team

In this article you will find information about:

Time-based tonnage restrictions for Here maps

With the new system version, we have introduced information about tonnage time restrictions, which are only valid during specific time slots. If your planned route includes such restrictions, they will be displayed on the map with an appropriate information icon. Additionally, the part of the route that includes the time restriction will be highlighted in orange. When the appropriate information icon is selected, details of the selected limitation will be displayed. This option allows the freight forwarder to plan the route more precisely and quickly.

Setting the departure time when planning a route

Another new feature is the option to specify a planned departure time when setting a journey route. This setting affects route planning due to tonnage time restrictions. An example of such a restriction is the prohibition of driving for vehicles weighing 7.5 tonnes on Saturdays between 10:00 and 18:00.

The user can change the default departure time globally, individually for the indicated route, or disable the option completely. By choosing to deactivate this option, the system will not take into account time limits – which are only applicable at the specified times – when planning the route. Global departure time settings can be made in Configuration >> System configuration>> Order handling >> Route planning.

The ferry crossing exclusion when planning the route

The next new feature of Here maps is the Avoid ferries option. With this option, the user can easily and quickly plan a route that avoids ferry crossings. To activate this option globally, go to Configuration >> System configuration >> Order handling >> Route planning. In addition to the global settings, the user can make manual changes for each individual route.

New field in the vehicle file with CO2 emission class

Due to an EU directive concerning how road tolls are calculated according to CO2 emission levels in Germany, a new field CO2 emission class has been added to the vehicle file. In this field, the class for the selected vehicle can be added. If the vehicle does not have an emission class defined, the system will adopt the first emission class by default when calculating the toll via Here maps.

If you would like to know more about the new features, please contact us.

*Functions available in selected packages and for Here map users.


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fireTMS team

fireTMS team

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