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fireTMS Driver mobile app – quick contact with the driver

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January 16, 2023 / Author: fireTMS team

The fireTMS system has a dedicated mobile application for drivers, fireTMS Driver, which enables fast and efficient communication between the shipper and the driver on the route. It allows you to monitor the work of the drivers and the subsequent stages of the transport order. 

fireTMS Driver mobile application – advantages 

fireTMS Driver enables the real-time exchange of information during the journey, so the shipper receives accurate information about the driver’s location, status and stage of the order. He can control transport and respond to emergencies by changing instructions. The mobile app allows the shipper to manage the fleet efficiently and the driver to ensure safety on the route. 

The biggest benefits of using the fireTMS Driver mobile app include:

  • direct sending of orders from fireTMS to the driver’s phone
  • monitoring order status
  • chat with the driver 
  • truck navigation
  • online and offline maps
  • GPS location system
  • order status check
  • uploading documents to the system (e.g. CMR scan)

Dynamic transport management with a mobile app

The fireTMS Driver mobile app is integrated into the fireTMS system. It enables fast communication between the driver, dispatcher and accounting as well as efficient management of transport orders. The app allows the driver to send messages to the system in the form of attachments such as photos, videos and files in any format. What is important is that the documents sent by the driver are automatically attached to the order in the programme, thus facilitating the work of accounting. This makes it possible to issue an invoice immediately after the order has been completed and to organise the relevant documentation.

Chat with the driver in the fireTMS Driver application

Quick contact between the haulier and the driver along the route results in efficient transport of the cargo. For efficient communication, the fireTMS Diver app provides a chat function. This is a quick way to exchange information about the situation on the road, especially if telephone contact is not possible. The freight forwarder sends a transport order from the fireTMS system to the driver’s mobile app and can chat with the driver at that point. The driver receives a notification of a new message, so he or she is kept informed of the next threads in the conversation. Chat is a common communication channel for all those involved in the execution of a particular order. It speeds up and clarifies the flow of information. 

The fireTMS system keeps a history of all the conversations that have been started. At any time, the forwarder can return to the chat without fear of losing the information provided after the chat has been closed. In addition, it is possible to grant access rights to the chat archive only to selected users. This way, it will only be used by those authorised to do so. 

If you would like to find out more about the fireTMS Driver mobile app, please contact us.

fireTMS team

fireTMS team

The article was written by the fireTMS team, based on their knowledge, experience and awareness of the TSL industry.

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