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Forwarding software for small and medium-sized companies. Check out the features of fireTMS

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April 18, 2023 / Author: fireTMS team

fireTMS is a transport management system for carriers and freight forwarders. It enables comprehensive management of transport orders for any company, regardless of its size. The system’s functions automate the daily work of forwarding agents and dispatchers, making transport fulfilment quick and efficient. Looking for a tool to efficiently organise transport in a small company? Do you want to reduce manual paperwork? Read the article and find out how fireTMS can help you.

Forwarding software for small and medium-sized companies. The key benefits of fireTMS

During the processing of transport orders in small and medium-sized transport companies, forwarders often use many files, Excel sheets and fill out a lot of paperwork. This is very time consuming and makes it difficult to organise daily tasks that need to be completed fast and on time. It is also problematic to quickly find information related to an order and to efficiently communicate between the people responsible for its realisation. The solution to these problems is to invest in a transport management programme for carriers and forwarders. fireTMS enables comprehensive order processing from receipt to delivery monitoring to billing and reporting. It provides a digital documentation workflow and helps to reduce bureaucracy in the company. All information and documents related to an order are organised and located in one system.

fireTMS automates the work of forwarders, carriers, dispatchers and accountants and allows quick access to information. This makes communication between employees quick and transparent. All of the transport processing takes place in one integrated system that is 100% online. This means that its users have access to all data 24/7, regardless of where they are working. fireTMS is a tool that works well for small, medium and large TSL companies. The system’s advanced features support and automate daily work, including planning, organising or accounting for transport. This allows small companies to significantly reduce bureaucracy and speed up order processing times, and ultimately increase efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

Effective planning of forwarding orders in fireTMS

The forwarder’s task is to plan transport orders in a way that makes them as profitable as possible. At the same time, when organising transport, he must remember to reduce the empty kilometres. Thanks to fireTMS, the forwarder can manage orders successfully and efficiently. The system contains all the most important transport information like the place and date of loading, unloading, driver, vehicle and contractor data. The programme has the features Truck Schedule and Available vehicles, which enable efficient planning of freight transport. The first function allows the user to see where a truck is located with the assigned driver and order at that time, as well as to see events entered into the system, e.g. end of validity of insurance. With the Available vehicles function, on the other hand, the forwarder can see the availability of individual vehicles at a specific date. All fleet information is presented clearly and in a precise time frame. These tools are particularly useful for the freight forwarder in order to organise transport efficiently and minimise empty trips.

Automatic invoice generation in the forwarding software

Thanks to fireTMS, you can easily issue an invoice after the order is completed. Based on the entered data, the system will automatically generate a draft invoice and allow you to send it directly to the contractor’s e-mail address. In the software, it can be used by both the forwarder and the accountant at the same time, and this makes daily work and communication easier. Additionally, fireTMS allows you to send a reminder about an upcoming or missed payment deadline. With the help of the system, it is also possible to send an automatic message with a reminder to pay outstanding amounts. Automatic invoice generation is one of the most used functions in fireTMS. It is very useful for both the accountant and the forwarder, as it speeds up and automates their daily duties.

Fleet costs – control of expenses thanks to detailed reports

The fleet generates the highest expenses in a transportation company, which is why it is important to monitor them regularly. fireTMS automatically generates a Fleet Costs report, which provides information on costs attributed to specific vehicles, trailers, and drivers. It also allows you to see which are most profitable and which are unprofitable to maintain. The system also generates a Fleet profitability report which, based on data from orders, shows a summary of the cost efficiency of your own fleet. fireTMS provides a lot of detailed reports for transport companies, including, eg. Accountant, Daily turnover or Route cards – trucks, which allow for optimizing company expenses based on specific data. Ongoing cost monitoring allows you to make better business decisions and identify potential areas for improvement, which is particularly important for small and medium-sized transport companies.

Mobile app for drivers – quick contact on the road

Quick communication between forwarder and driver is one of the key elements for the successful execution of an order. It is important that both sides can contact each other and exchange information during transport. Thanks to this, the forwarder can keep an eye on the transport and react quickly in the case of anything unusual.

The fireTMS transport and forwarding programme has a dedicated mobile application for fireTMS Driver drivers, which enables quick contact and an efficient exchange of information along the route. The driver can send the current status from the route and the execution of the order, such as during loading, a traffic jam or a delay at the border. Therefore, the forwarder can monitor the progress of the order and react immediately to unexpected situations. Moreover, the driver can upload attachments with documents related to the order, including, for example the CMR, directly into fireTMS. These can be in any format, such as a photo, video or file. Find out more about the benefits of the fireTMS Driver application in our article.

Transport orders – fast fulfilment with fireTMS

The unquestionable advantage of fireTMS is the possibility for people from different parts of the company to work in one integrated system. This enables communication between employees and improves task organisation. All employees responsible for the execution of an order can have access to the data related to the order. After finishing an order, the accountant can quickly issue an invoice without the need for time-consuming searching for paper documents. Transparency of information facilitates cooperation and ultimately improves the efficient execution of transport.

fireTMS speeds up and automates the execution of transport and forwarding orders. It allows for organizing the flow of documents and streamlining the work of dispatchers, drivers, and accountants. Thanks to the system’s features, small and medium-sized transport companies can increase their efficiency and better manage their fleet.

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